Recommended Reading

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We recommend acquiring your below mentioned reading materials from

Levison’s Textbook for Dental Nurses by Carole Hollins.                   Twelfth Edition. Published by Blackwell. ISBN 978 1118500446.

This excellent book covers the entire syllabus required by the GDC and the NEBDN and is interesting to read with a large number of illustrations. “Everything you need to know is in Levison’s” is what we tell our students. Read it through, and mark each page as-you-go, so you will know what you have, and what you have NOT read. We also recommend that you underline FACTS as-you-go, so that, when you come to revise, you can skim through the book reading the parts you have underlined. Another good way to learn, is to stick “post-it” notes onto the pages with notes for yourself.

Questions and Answers for Dental Nurses by Carole Hollins. 3rd edition. ISBN 978 0470670903 Published by Blackwell.

One easy way to acquire FACTS is to read a question and answers book and to know it backwards! During your Course, read the textbook but don’t write in it. Closer to the Examination, use it as a test-yourself book! This excellent book asks many questions based on the GDC/NEBDN syllabus, and if you learn all the answers, your diligence will hold you in good stead when you come to take the NEBDN examination. In addition, the book goes through a lot of examination questions. Using a Q&A book is an entertaining way to learn, and you can rope in family and friends to ask you the questions and to test you!

Basic Guide to Dental Instruments by Carmen Scheller. Published by Blackwell. ISBN 978 14444335323 

Knowlege of the names of [approx 100] instruments is a requirement for the NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing. A must for all students!