Part-time NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing Courses

Part-time NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing Courses

Still only £1150  + Plus Exam Fees ! [& no VAT] Part-time NEBDN Dental Nurse Courses. Covering Reading, Slough & Newbury as we teach in Bracknell & Thatcham as well. We offer fully accredited Part-time NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing Courses. We are highly qualified and experienced Tutors and have taught trainee dental nurses since 1989. We now teach the part-time NEBDN National Diploma Course.  The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing Qualification enables you to apply to register with the GDC. Places are available on all our Dental Nursing Courses unless otherwise stated. There is no need to telephone to ask whether places are available. The NEBDN now require all training providers to collect both the Examination Fee [£450] and the fee for the Record of Experience [£60] at the beginning of the Course. These must  be taken as separate payments by us. The NEBDN want this money to be transferred to the NEBDN at the beginning of the Course. 

Each Course is Part-time and consists of 32 lectures held on one evening over a year. Lectures are arranged to cover first, subjects with which the trainee DN will be familiar in the surgery – Clinical Assessment, Preventive Treatment, Restorations, Extractions, Endodontics, Crowns and Bridges, Dentures etc. This supports the completion of the online Record of Experience [a portfolio in which is described treatment with which the trainee DN has supported the patient and dentist]. More academic topics such as the Respiratory and Digestive systems are dealt with later in the Course. Emphasis is placed on dealing with patients in a sympathetic and understanding way [seeing things from patients’ needs and perspectives]and supporting the Diverse Needs of patients. Homeworks are set after each lecture to promote self-directed learning. Tests are set at about every 6 lectures to check on progress. There will be a Mock Examination at the end of the Course to prepare students for the NEBDN National Diploma Examination.

The Tutors promote Equal Opportunities and Oppose Discrimination at all times. It is also the Tutors’ aim as far as is reasonably practicable, to conform to all relevant and current standards of good practice in H&S and to ask all persons within the teaching venue to do the same.

The New Format National Diploma Examination consists of 2 separate parts:                  

1] 2 hours of Multiple Choice Questions and if 1] is passed, 6 weeks later: 2] Approx 10 Practical/Viva Stations                           

Entry requirements.

Students do not have to have any particular qualifications. [Accredited Prior Learning see below.] However, it must be understood that a good command of spoken English will be necessary for the oral/practical examination, and good literacy skills will be necessary to be able to keep up with note-taking during lectures. We leave it up to the student and their Employing Dentist to judge whether skills are sufficient. If a student, having declared on the application form that these skills are sufficient, then feels that the Course is too difficult, s/he can have no redress against the Tutor and no refund will be paid if the student stops attending. To be able to finish one of our Courses, and to be able to take the NEBDN Examination, a student must be working full or part-time as a trainee dental nurse. This is because there is an NEBDN requirement for a portfolio of practical experience, the online Record of Experience. No job? We will accept students on a course if they have no experience as a dental nurse but are currently looking for a job as a trainee dental nurse. The lectures concerning clinical [practical] subjects commence at about lecture 6. This gives about 2 months from the start of the course to find a job. However, if a student does not find a job and thus feels the Course is too difficult and also cannot complete the NEBDN eRoE, s/he can have no redress against the Tutor and no refund will be paid if the student stops attending. We can only help with work placements by intoducing students to any dentist who contacts us with a job vacancy. Positions as a trainee DN can be found via the Internet, newspapers and Employment Agencies.

Accredited Prior Learning – there will be students who have have gained qualifications or have worked towards their eRoE which will be helpful in their studies towards the NEBDN Dental Diploma. Persons who declare such APL in their application form will be contacted by the Tutor to discuss progress. It should be stated here, that students who took the NEBDN National Certificate in Dental Nursing Examination before 2008 will not have this taken into account, as the National Diploma in Dental Nursing covers Dental Nursing at a greater depth and a great deal has changed eg: Cross Infection Control.  

Weds 6.30 – 9.00 commencing 4th Nov 2020 Ranelagh School, Bracknell, Berks. RG12 9DA

[Please do not contact the venues as they cannot help you – they have nothing to do with the organisation of the Courses]


These year-long Dental Nursing Courses prepare trainee dental nurses for The National Diploma in Dental Nursing awarded by the NEBDN. A year is just the right length of time, allowing trainee dental nurses to learn what the NEBDN require in a calm relaxed way.

The qualification allows trainee dental nurses to apply to the GDC to become registered.

The first part of the NEBDN exams are held on the 3rd Sat of every April & Nov. The courses are taught to the GDC syllabus. It is emphasised to all trainees that every practice is different and that it is important that they fit in with the methods/protocols of their own practices.

There is no requirement [as required for an NVQ] for the many practice visits by assessors. Please also realise that the NVQ also requires a written examination

After passing the examination the NEBDN awards a certificate which can be displayed at your practice.

Price : £1150 [We do not charge VAT on top of this]

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