Reading and using your own Staff Training Manual

Is your Staff Training Manual hardly ever used? Would you like to have one with which your staff would enjoy training new members?

Patient and staff-centered, taking the pressure off the Practice Owner/Manager

Would you like to have

  • your staff train new team members using a patient centred system controlled by you?
  • the pressure of training taken away from the Practice Owner/Manager almost entirely? For always!!
  • everyone in your practice singing from the same song sheet? Enthusiastically! For ever!!
  • a manual which can be very easily personalised to each & every trainee? and easily up-dated!!
  • training made easy for your staff? the elimination of “Chinese Whispers”?

You can commission us to facilitate and support the creation by you and your staff of a training manual.

As it is you and your staff who are involved, it will thus be created specifically for you and your practice’s needs

The Practice Owner

  • will retain control of all protocols/methods. These are all clearly stated
  • can then delegate training to named individuals = Training Team

Weekly or fortnightly meetings with the Training Team and the trainee enable supervision, encouragement, and guidance to be given with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.

In this way you can make sure that training is carried out by your chosen people who

all have a shared close knowledge of the progress and attitude of the trainee.

This takes away from the Practice Owner/Manager the time consuming burden of the process/methods of training,
encouragement, and, if necessary, censure as your staff have created the training manual, they feel they have ownership of the

  • creation of the manual
  • speed and delivery of training
  • assessment of trainee’s
  • attitude
  • level of understanding
  • progress, which can be quantified [“you have completed so many training areas”] thus enabling specified and controlled incremental wage rewards to be made towards which the trainee can aim

If you would like more information please telephone us on 01344 303466

The Training Manual will take 2 days of your surgery time to create, separated by a month or so.

To discuss this with us, please contact us.

We are happy to come to you anywehere South of Manchester.