Get a job as a dental nurse

Want to be a Dental Nurse? Get a Head Start in finding a job! – Seminar

Do you want to be a DN? Unsure how to get going?  

Finishing school & want to plan for a professional qualification?

Want a career change but not ready to leave your current job?

Want to be a Dental Hygienist? – the DN qualification is VERY useful

No DN job? Unsure how to get one? We will give you a helping hand!

Getting a job as a DN can be difficult.  Our Seminar is a great way to kick off!

FREE! when you follow 3 easy steps!

1] Attend your Head Start Seminar

2] Use the good advice we give you to help find a job, P/T or F/T

3] As soon as you find a job as a trainee dental nurse, you can enrol on our year-long evening NEBDN DN Course, and instead of £650 you’ll only pay £500, so you get your Seminar money back!

The Seminars will be held in Bracknell, Berks on Sat 1-6pm. To register your interest, telephone 01344 303466 for a Registration of Interest Form to be sent to you. As soon as 10 [minimum] persons register their interest, a Seminar will be organised. So let all your friends who want to be DNs know!

Contact us to apply