Choose a course provider

Choosing a Dental Nursing Course? Important things to watch out for. All Dental Nursing Courses are taught to the GDC syllabus as are ours. So from that viewpoint, all courses are the same. However, always look to see what teaching qualifications, years of experience in the Dental Profession the Tutors have, and, most importantly how long they have been teaching the course! This is obviously very important! Next, check to make sure that the Tutors are NEBDN ExaminersIt is obviously best for you if they are, as they will know exactly what the NEBDN requires, and they will be able to guide you in the right direction. Then look to see if the Tutors are registered with the GDC – in other words, are they working within the Dental Profession. Lastly, look to see how long the Course is. If it is a year long, Part-time, we think this is just about right. A year give you enough time to take everything on board. Longer than this and things tend to drag on and  on.                                                                          Please realise that an NVQ qualification also requires that an Examination be taken.